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With my ecommerce site I typically ship out anywhere from 10, 20 or 30+ packages a week. Up until two months ago I use to have a painfully slow and tedious process when it came time to print off shipping labels. I was using a combination of UPS’s online shipping label software (UPS Internet Shipping) for domestic packages over 3 lbs, USPS Click-N-Ship for domestic packages under 3 lbs and PayPal’s shipping area for international packages.

Side note… if you’re unfamiliar with which has better rates, UPS or USPS, I’ve found the breaking point to be around 3 lbs. I’ve heard others say higher or lower than this, but in my comparisons it’s a 3lb breaking point. By this I mean I get the best prices from UPS for packages 3lbs and up and the best price from USPS for packages under 3lbs. Keep in mind that UPS rates are based on your volume of shipping. Once you reach a certain volume you’ll get “daily rates” which are really good rates.

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When I was only shipping a few packages per day my methods above were working good but it was a slow process. These reason being is that with UPS Internet Shipping it’s a slow process to input the shipping information. There are a few defaults you can set up, but overall it’s not designed for volume shipping. The second problem is the actual cost of the labels.

So when my volume of shipping started increasing and then I was put on a “daily rate” by UPS, I realized I needed to look into other options. That next option for me was UPS WorldShip. UPS WorldShip is a fast and convenient shipping label software that has really helped me speed up my processing time for shipments. There are several nice features of WorldShip. First was the ability to use a thermal label printer. I personally use the Zebra ZP450. It’s a great printer that uses little space on my desk, it’s prints fast and uses labels that come on a roll (supplied by UPS). You can set the label up to use different length labels, I personally have mine set to print 4″ x 8″ labels. There are shorter labels but using the longer labels gives me the ability to use UPS WorldShips’ other great feature. I can print my logo on the top of the label. I love this feature. I was looking for a way to get my company logo on the package without having to have order special boxes or without have to print a different label to stick on the box. Having the logo on the label is the perfect option for me.

The WorldShip shipping label software itself is far superior to the Internet shipping available online. You can set up all of the defaults in advance so all you need to do is insert the customers name, address and ZIP. Click a button and you can verify the address. Click the “process shipment” button and out comes the label ready to go. At the end of the day, click the “end of day” button and all of your shipments for the day are transmitted to UPS and the end of day report prints out.

There are a huge variety of other reports and features that are available with WorldShip, but I don’t personally use many of them. Just the features mentioned above make it an extremely convenient shipping label software for my business.

The best part is the software is free! Having a UPS account is free! And if you do a fairly good volume of shipping you can get the thermal label printer for free. Just ask your UPS account rep. If you get a good rep like I have he/she will make the entire process super easy for you. Even if you don’t get the printer for free, it’s a very low weekly or monthly fee to have it… or you could always buy one. Just make sure it’s compatible with the most recent version of UPS Worldship.

And if you’re wondering why I use Paypal for International? There is a failed piece of software or code with USPS Click-N-Ship and International shipping. Sometimes I can print an international label, but most of the time I get errors. I’ve been back and forth with the USPS tech team, but can never really figure out the problem So using PayPal is an easy 2nd choice. If you’re wondering why not UPS for interntaional? It’s the cost. Most international service with UPS are very expensive compared to USPS. Sending heavier frieght items internationally by UPS makes sense, but not small packages. Do you ever have the USPS International shipping problem? Have a fix?

What’s your experience with UPS WorldShip shipping label software? Likes, dislikes, features you use… let us know.

For step by step directions on how to add a company logo to a UPS WorldShip label, see this post… “Adding a company label to a UPS WorldShip label”.

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